About Me

What I do - What I like

I am Jose H. Milán, a Spanish computer science engineer. I've been working as a freelance web developer for several years. I worked as a teacher as well in the past, it was very interesting it taught me to learn something from everyone everyday.

Computing, software and technology are just some of my passions and at the same time my profession. I feel so lucky, I love my job. It is daily challenge, stressful, sometimes a bit hard and really demanding, however I can not imagine myself doing any other thing.

Web technologies are mainly my day-by-day work: PHP (Laravel and other frameworks), jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, gulp, vagrant, git, npm, varnish, ngnix, ...

Currently I'm working in a couple of personal projects by myself. I decided to quit my old job in Square1 and  work for a while in my own projects.

I love my family, my job and snowboarding. I dream with a quiet life enjoying my job, my people and my free time. Enjoy, enjoy everthing you do!